Seven and twenty years ago
mama breathed life into me
alive I have been ever since that moment
flying the high way to the sea of light

my footsteps on the sands of time may stay forever
as the human soul through the labour of birth, the pain of life and the glory of death
or the dance of the kinght of the elements
could turn it into a smear on the mindscape

as the sea of light ahead of me
rises to meet the sun in a sensual embrace
the night is born, orphaned, empty and dark
for the moon shall wink no more, the stars shall blink no more

my memory reviews my life in retrospect
as i shed the coats of pretention that people have adorned me with
i'm sinking deeper and deeper into the space within my heart
as I cross the DOORS, into the land of infinite nothingness ... I END !

-- murali

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